Medical Claims Processing
& Cost Containment

The rising cost of healthcare is an issue commonly faced by International Organizations today. Therefore, HealthCase has implemented a large number of strategies and policies that allow us to contain the amount of your expenses.

Case Management

Here at HealthCase good case management matters. Our highly trained professionals understand that getting things right is of vital importance. Our case management workflow begins with a comprehensive medical review and medical risk assessment. Selected treatment centers are determined by proximity, expertise, cost effectiveness, and present utilization rates. Patients are directed to matching service providers and facilities based on our stringent selection criteria, with pre-authorization given for essential medical treatment.

At each and every step of the way our dedicated personnel remain in touch with unfolding events and ensure transparent communication for both patients and insurers.

Our 24/7 hotline is available to all parties at any time.

During the administration of care our healthcare professionals are involved in the coordination of all aspects of medical procedure, including; co-ordination of hospital admissions, appointments (pre and post op), monitoring of patient treatment plans, and safe discharge planning.

Finally, each case is monitored from end to end ensuring proper utilization of services and effective cost management techniques have been applied.

Cost Containement

In the United States the cost and performance of healthcare services can vary significantly between providers, and if not managed efficiently costs can be allowed to sky rocket.

At HealthCase we provide our partners with unlimited access to the most accurate and up to date provider listing directory, in a simple to use format. Our exclusive portal enables partners to quickly locate network physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and additional medical facilities. Accurate map, directions and key contact details are made available along with the option to print or download specified directory categories.

Registered partners within our cost containment program will benefit from up to 75% savings on healthcare and supporting services from over 68,000 national and regional pharmacies in the US. Our program is designed to leverage lowest pricing logic ensuring that members get the very best pricing on prescriptions. (Prices are typically equal to a significantly discounted variant of; wholesale Price-AWP, MAP pricing discount, or pharmacy promotional/retail price)

Claims Administration

Our comprehensive claims administration service is designed to take away the headache of claims management from our clients.

From negotiated settlements, bill adjustments, claim repricing and adjudication we provide a full turnkey solution to handle end to end claims management. Our experienced claims assessors will carry out a stringent layer of due diligence to ensure that all is above board with each processed claim.

We support multi-currency claim settlement and electronic payment processing of transactions to ensure a simple and smooth reconciliation.

Customize claims reporting is available to our partners via our portal.

Air Ambulance Service

Timely medical evacuations are essential when emergencies arise.

We provide full repatriation and critical evacuation support by international air ambulance. Air evacuation support is provided in support of critical medical conditions, accidents and emergencies; including coverage for neonatal and pediatric transportation.

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Our goal: make access to healthcare services simpler for everyone, wherever, and whenever they may be required.


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