Global Health Care Solutions

We've been a trusted partner of intermediaries and employers for over twenty years, offering a relationship based on transparency, reassurance, and help when you need it most. We are true partners in the international health care industry, offering a relationship built on respect, trust and mutual benefits.

Global Medical Network

All of our partners are able to access the benefits from our vast network of healthcare providers.

In the United States and around the world this network currently comprises more than 800,000 healthcare providers and more than 7,000 hospitals (including many, world renowned, medical centers of excellence). With such an array of medical partners at our fingertips we are able to identify the best providers and provide the right services whenever and wherever they are required, at the same time ensuring that costs are managed responsibly.
Each of our providers is subject to regular review to ensure that we are always providing ‘best in class’ services and facilities to patients and clients alike.

Worldwide Health Care Protected - Urgent Health Care Solutions and people protection, Delivered Anywhere, at Anytime

Our goal: make access to healthcare services simpler for everyone, wherever, and whenever they may be required.


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